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Gel Coat Biomaterials

Tackling environmental issues and developing new medical technologies

~Unleashing the Functions of Biomaterials with Amoeba Hydrogel~

The Future We Want to Realize
- Our Mission -


The future we aim to realize is to stabilize enzymes, cells, and organs through amoeba hydrogels; to improve global warming and resource recycling by making better use of enzymes than ever before; to realize long-term preservation of biological materials; to develop new medical technologies and devices for improving the quality of life (QOL) of patients; to cure diseases that have been difficult to treat; and to save lives that have not been saved.

Based on biomaterials and life sciences, we will provide new value in the fields of environment, chemistry, and medicine, and contribute to solving social problems and providing people with peace of mind and good health.

Origin of the company name


Biomaterials function stably when they are surrounded by water. We have succeeded in stabilizing the function of biomaterials by covering them with hydrogels containing large amounts of water in which biocompatible polymers have been uniquely structured. The name of our company, Gel Coat Biomaterials, refers to the fact that the biocompatible hydrogels we have developed encapsulate and stabilize biomaterials.

Enzymes coated by the hydrogel

About Us


Gel Coat Biomaterials, Inc. was started based on the hydrogel technology developed by Professor Madoka Takai of the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo.

This hydrogel has the characteristics of an amoeba that can freely take in various molecules and change its shape. When the amoeba hydrogel encapsulates a biomaterial, the biomaterial is stabilized and exhibits excellent functionality.

Our amoeba hydrogel stabilization technology enables the use of biomaterials in environments, applications, and durations that were previously unavailable, thereby providing new value to biomaterials. We will continue to create innovations as a group of experts in life science, bioengineering, polymer science, device development, and medical devices. We will also take on the challenge of solving social issues through active collaboration and open innovation.

Enzymes encapsulated in the amoeba hydrogel
Gel Coat Biomaterials

Gel Coat Biomaterials, Inc.

Fujimi Duplex B's 4F, 1-3-11 Fujimi,

Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0071, Japan

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